The Most Hilarious 911 Calls of 2010 and Beyond


"If the food's not done, sir, the food's not done," the dispatcher told him.

But when he protested, telling her that he came from work and that he was hungry, the dispatcher became noticeably frustrated with the call, which lasted for about five minutes.

"Customer service is not a reason to call 911," she told Fortune. "911 is if you're dying."

When Fortune told her no money or food had exchanged hands, she advised him simply to drive away. But he persisted and told the dispatcher that he pulled into the parking lot to wait for police.

Sandwich Mistake Leads to Arrest

A Florida man got more than he asked for when he called 911 -- twice -- to complain that a Jacksonville Subway sandwich shop didn't properly prepare his order: two sandwiches with everything.

"I got a situation over here at Subway," Reginald Peterson said on the recording. "I'm not going to sit here and pay $12 for $10 freaking sandwiches and don't get what I paid for."

The sandwiches, at his request, went into the trash.

Local media later reported that he pleaded no contest to the charges and was fined $283 and sentenced to time served, which was one day in jail.

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