Spray-Tan Trial: Jury Hears 911 Calls in Case of Florida Man Accused of Wife's Murder


Adam Kaufman's defense laid out its case Monday to the jury in opening arguments, saying that Eleonora's death was no murder, but a medical condition that suddenly turned deadly.

"Lina had a bad heart," defense attorney Bill Matthewman said. "You will hear no motive. No evidence of a motive whatsoever. No life insurance. No financial crimes. No affairs during the marriage on behalf of Adam or Lina. No neighbors heard any arguments."

The case against Kaufman, who had two children with his wife, first gained national attention in 2009 at a bond hearing when Kaufman's lawyers initially blamed Lina's death on a violent, allergic reaction to the spray tan she'd just gotten. Attorneys said that theory was disproved by science.

The prosecution, however, rejects any explanation other than murder.

"Under the laws of science, it's impossible to have happened either way the defendant suggested it happened," Mansfield said.

Some of the first witnesses for the prosecution to take the stand were the emergency medical workers who responded to that 911 call. They testified as to why it took them 30 minutes to respond to the call.

The defense is using this to prove the workers incompetence, questioning why three years later a fire and rescue supervisor came up with a third version to tell of what happened that night.

Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue Lt. Michael Castro testified that on the morning in 2007, he was wary of how Adam Kaufman acted "odd" at the scene, shifting from calm to angry.

"It was almost like an act," Castro told the court.

Eleonora Kaufman's family and friends support her husband, and have said they believe he is innocent. Some of them will be called as defense witnesses.

The trial is expected to last several weeks.

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