Spring Break's Biggest Danger? Binge Drinking

Underage bingers will often secretly "pre-game," pounding back large quantities of alcohol before their school dance or a big game, where alcohol is strictly banned.

"You're encouraging each other -- 'just do it, just, fast, just, here' -- and telling each other tips on how to drink it faster, so you don't taste it," Holley said.

For girls, alcohol has the added danger of giving them courage to act out sexually, making them more vulnerable and then providing an excuse for risky behavior the morning after. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 80 percent of teenage pregnancies happen when the girl is drunk.

"When the girls are drunk," said Holley, now 28, "and the guy starts to push it to that limit, the alcohol gave you the liquid courage to start, but not to stop,"

Looking back, Holley said, perhaps the best prevention for binge drinking is helping young people beat back escalating insecurities.

"I would tell [a young girl] that she's beautiful, and she's capable of doing whatever she wants to do, and I don't think I knew that, that I could be cool without it," Holley said.

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