Steubenville Rape Trial to Start This Week


After days of being subject to intense scrutiny and accusations of covering up the crime, in January town officials launched a website called Steubenville Facts designed purely to combat rumors about the case.

In addition to laying out the timeline of the case, the website also gives background on numerous town officials relationship to the local high school and "Big Red" football team.

The website also defended the police against allegations they did not arrest appropriately to the crime.

"Steubenville Police investigators are caring humans who recoil and are repulsed by many of the things they observe during an investigation," the website said of police's motives. "Like detectives in every part of America and the world, they are often frustrated when they emotionally want to hold people accountable for certain detestable behavior but realize that there is no statute that allows a criminal charge to be made."

With the trial scheduled to start this week and after a judge refused to change the trial location, officials are again prepping for the glare of the media spotlight to descend on the town.

In a press conference last week, DeWine told reporters that additional charges may be brought against the other teenagers after this trial concludes. He estimated the case would last between three to four days.

DeWine also met with protesters lead by Jacqueline Hillyer of the Ohio chapter of the National Organization of Women, who called for the arrest of the other teens allegedly involved for failing to report a crime.

"The worst thing about the crime in Steubenville and it was a crime, it was not that it was so ugly and horrible and disgusting but that it was ordinary," Hillyer said. "It happens all the time across the state, across the country in high schools and people don't intervene."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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