Former Fave FBI Stool Pigeon Indicted

An all-star cast of former top FBI agents is in DeVecchio's corner, including one of the most highly regarded inflitrators of the mafia in FBI history, special agent Joseph Pistone, more familiar to moviegoers as Donnie Brasco. These men say DeVecchio's indictment is the result of mob lawyers pressuring prosecutors to examine the allegations against DeVecchio -- his conviction could potentially lead to verdicts against their clients getting tossed out. They say that the federal courts have already rejected the suggestion that DeVecchio could have been working not against but for the mob.

While the former federal agents who stand firmly with their colleague have protested his innocence, the Brooklyn prosecutor would not bring charges lightly. Hynes has a long record of success in controversial cases, including his role as a special prosecutor in a racially charged murder that threatened New York with riots in 1986, and which was the subject of the book "Incident at Howard Beach," and his role as the special prosecutor who exposed corruption in the state's nursing home system. He has recently convicted the former head of the Brooklyn Democratic Party in a political corruption scandal.

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