For Columbine Survivors, A Nightmare Revisited

Brown was driving when a friend called to tell him about Platte Canyon. "This is how it affects people out here. I pulled my car over and I cried, because this brings back Columbine. What's more, you think about those families and what they're going to go through because we've been through it," he said.

Shooter Erik Harris had threatened Brooks prior to the Columbine event, but did not shoot him on the day it occurred. Though Brooks, and his brother went unharmed, they have spent the last six years trying to recover emotionally. They are also seeking answers. Could the authorities have done more to prevent the killings?

"What I would tell families there is first, it's ok to cry and the best thing you can do is to talk about it with everyone you can find and don't deny that it happened and don't hide from it," said Brown when asked what advice he has for the families in Bailey, some of whom he knows personally.

He continued, "The next thing would be to find out exactly what happened and the police need to be honest with the citizens. Tell the people what happened and they should understand that some of the reason this happened is because the mistakes made at Columbine were corrected to some degree and that's why the SWAT team went in and took this guy out. And the police went into the school right away and that may have prevented other deaths."

That more deaths did not occur at Platte reassures Brown that authorities learned something from Columbine, but every time he sees a school shooting it reminds him that experiences like his own are not unique.

"This shatters your perceptions of America and the life you're living; it changes your life completely it's not the same world after this happens ," he said.

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