Smart Girls in a Sexy World

And in its October issue, Jane magazine addressed the trend toward skimpy, scanty Halloween costumes.

In "Enough With the Slutty Costumes," Stephanie Trong writes, "Girls love to dress like sluts on Halloween. Whatever their costume, they always find a way to stipperfy it, no matter how ludicrous the concept. Like 'sexy cop,' 'sexy zombie,' 'sexy Army cadet,' or ... 'sexy shoe saleswoman.' It's always one big pleather, vinyl and fishnet stockings fest everywhere you turn."

Fed up, Trong decided to defy convention on a recent Halloween. She ditched her sexy French maid get-up, donned a heavy, raggedy, head-to-toe rabbit suit, and went to a costume party where she refused to reveal her identity.

Trong garnered more attention than she ever could have in a skimpy outfit. Who from? Skimpy-outfitted girls who couldn't get enough of the daredevil wearing a rabbit suit.

Girls like Trong, who have the ability to laugh with raunch culture while defying its stereotypes, don't exist in "Female Chauvinist Pigs."

But they do in real life. That's the beauty of living in a world that offers women an array of options, from the costume store to the underwear department, from television programs to feminist philosophies.

A culture of sex doesn't have to be accepted in its entirety or not at all. Women can partake in what they like and ignore what they don't. They can wear a French maid outfit one Halloween and a rabbit suit the next. They can get comfortable in a culture of sex because they can handle it.

ABC's Yvonne Lai contributed to this piece.

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