Who Rebounded and Who Was Ruined?

Barney Frank, U.S. congressman. Reprimanded by the House in 1990, when it was revealed that he had a relationship with a male prostitute, who claimed to run a prostitution ring out of Frank's apartment. Voted the "brainiest" member of the House, Frank is in line to assume chairmanship of the powerful Banking Committee.

Paris Hilton, untalented celebrity. Made headlines when her sex videotape was widely circulated on the Internet in 2004. Made the jump from B-list to A-list celebrity, snagging TV, book and movie deals along the way.

Trent Lott, U.S. senator. Forced to give up his position as Senate majority leader in 2002, when he made racially divisive comments. Re-elected to that position in 2006 as a respected legislator.

Eddie Murphy, actor. Arrested for soliciting a transsexual prostitute in 1997. Went on to star in several of the highest-grossing family movies.


Jesse Jackson, prominent leader of the religious left. Had daughter with his mistress in 2000, who was paid more than $400,000 in funds by Jackson's nonprofit. Continues to play role in national politics but has been marginalized by new civil rights leaders.

Ted Kennedy, U.S. senator. Pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident during the Chappaquiddick incident in 1969, when he crashed his car into a pond in an accident that killed his female passenger. His presidential aspirations were permanently quashed, but he continues to thrive as the elder statesman of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

Britney Spears, singer. Exposed herself in public, partied with Paris Hilton, divorced her two husbands, and was accused of being a bad mother. Although she hasn't released an album in several years, she continues to be a publicity magnet.

Marv Albert, sports commentator. Stood trial in 1997 on felony charges of forcible sodomy after girlfriend accused him of repeatedly biting and sodomizing her. Ousted by NBC but then brought back in 2001 as the network's play-by-play man.

Russell Crowe, actor. Arrested and charged with second-degree assault for throwing telephone at hotel clerk in 2005. Continues to act, but his last few movies haven't performed well at the box office.

Jury's Still Out

Michael Richards, actor. Repeatedly hurled racial epithets during a performance at a comedy club in November 2006. Richards made several apologies, is undergoing anger management counseling, but two audience members are seeking monetary compensation from him.

Mel Gibson, actor/producer. During his arrest for DWI in July 2006, Gibson made several anti-Semitic comments. He entered a recovery program, and his latest directing effort, "Apocalypto," will be in theaters this week.

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