News You Can Use: How to Survive in the Wilderness

Arterburn added that very few people, other than committed naturalists, can differentiate between safe and unsafe foods in the wilderness. Your best chance, of course, is to be rescued before starvation sets in.

To that end, do anything you can to attract attention. James Vlahos, contributing editor of National Geographic Adventure Magazine, offered some ideas. "Use anything you have. If you have a CD in your backpack, it can be used as a signal. Or try the shiny hologram on the back of your credit card."

Kati Kim and her daughters were spotted near their car, in part, because Kati waived an umbrella at a passing helicopter.

Although there are exceptions to the rule, try to stay in one place. "Bring help to you," said Vlahos.

Perhaps the most comprehensive survival guide is the U.S. Army Survival Manual. The manual covers extremes from getting stranded in the desert to cold weather survival.

In all life-and-death situations, however, the manual offers a common guide to follow, based on letters from the world survivors:

S -- Size up your situation

U -- Use all your senses

R -- Remember where you are

V -- Vanquish fear and panic

I -- Improvise

V -- Value living

A -- Act like the natives

L -- Live by your wits

So, if you find yourself stranded, remember: SURVIVAL can be the key.

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