Libby Defense: Cheney Won't Testify


During the cross-examination, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald alluded to the previous testimony of former New York Times reporter Judith Miller when she described meeting Libby at the St. Regis hotel on July 8, 2003, for a two-hour breakfast meeting to discuss Iraq, and intelligence reports about weapons of mass destruction.

Miller had testified that she also may have discussed outspoken Iraq War critic Wilson and his wife, Valerie Wilson, that day.

Fitzgerald aimed to show that Libby viewed his meeting with Miller as important, given his busy schedule and the other national security threats on his plate.

Fitzgerald asked Hannah, "Is it fair to say if you went to Mr. Libby and say 'how 'bout we go take an hour and get a cup coffee' he would probably not have time for that?"

Hannah responded, "It would be harder, but I wouldn't say it wouldn't happen. … Scooter takes time for me if I need it."

Fitzgerald followed up. "But if he gave an hour or two that week, it would be something Mr. Libby would think was important."

"In regard to me, yes," Hannah responded.

Libby was indicted in a five-count indictment for allegedly obstructing justice, lying to the FBI and committing perjury in telling investigators that he learned about the identity of CIA officer Valerie Wilson from Tim Russert of NBC News.

Closing arguments for the case are set for Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007.

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