Iraq Poll: Field Interviewer Notes

The region was attacked by members of the national guard and special forces of the ministry of interior affairs, and they arrested and beat young and old people in front of us. They took them to the intelligence headquarters in the city. This incident took place in front of me and I learned more about what happened to them through talking to their families.

Feb. 27, 2007 Province: Diyala

I saw a school manager killed with his son in a very awful way.

Feb. 27, 2007 Province: Irbil

I started working in Irbil in the assigned neighborhood. I didn't face any defects or problems with citizens and it is normal for them to ask about our work and whether our company is related to any side, if it is official or not, but usually we can convince them to participate in interviews. In one house, I got their permission to perform the interview. I started writing their names and dates of birth, then according to the rules of our work I selected one of the girls in the house due to her birthday being the one with the date that matches our procedure. I asked to make an interview with her but the father of the family refused and he asked me to make the interview with him. I told him that this can not be done, these are the rules of our work, and I tried to convince him but I failed. I left the house without doing the interview.

I noted that the services in this region are average, but there is a shortage in electricity and it is not available before noon. Electricity comes for 3 hours only and there is no hygiene drainage (sewer) in the region.

Feb. 27, 2007 Province: Irbil

I started working in Irbil in the assigned rural village. The people there say that the government of Kurdistan doesn't work correctly and is not interested in the problems of villages. They said that if the situation will remain the same in villages no one will remain in them and all of the people will move to cities because the price of fuel is very expensive. They complain that their harvests are being sold at prices that are too low because of the presence of vegetables and fruits from all neighboring countries of Iraq. They say it is because there are no obstacles or taxes for these fruits and things. People told me that most young people join the Peshmurga (Kurdish militia) in order to get salaries and they don't work with their parents on the farm. Also, there are few services. The people were somewhat fearful to participate and answer our questions. They asked us not to record their names or publicize their pictures on TV or in newspapers.

Feb. 27, 2007 Province: Maysan

I went to the assigned region in Maysan to conduct the survey and before finishing my work the supervisor called me to say he will come to visit me to check my work. I waited for him for a long time, but he didn't come. I learned that a police patrol had arrested him after seeing him taking pictures. Because of the efforts of our field manager for this region, his telephone calls, and his personal relations with people in this governorate, the supervisor was released and returned back home safely.

Feb. 27, 2007 Province: Muthanna

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