Role Reversal in Battle Over O.J. Simpson Book


The subsequent public outrage caused a cancellation of the entire project, and a rare public apology from media baron Rupert Murdoch.

By the time the project came to light, Simpson had already received more than $800,000 for his participation -- and promptly spent it.

He defended himself at the time, saying the project was thrust upon him.

"Was it tacky? Yes, it was tacky, but it was brought to me. I didn't have an agent out there saying, 'Here's a book from O.J.," he said.

The renewed attention on the disgraced football great seems to have reinvigorated the Goldmans' campaign to wring whatever money they can out of Simpson. The Goldman family's lawyers spent much of last fall and winter in court. Among the fruits of their motions is the planned auction of the book.

But the auction appears fraught with legal uncertainties.

Galanter said that Lorraine Brooke Associates, the company set up to receive the profits from the book and television interview deal with HarperCollins, was not properly served and that an attorney for the company has filed a motion seeking to vacate the order to turn the rights over to the Goldmans.

And the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department has written a letter to the judge questioning whether the department has jurisdiction over Lorraine Brooke Associates, a Florida-based company.

Finally, Galanter said, he plans to file a new motion arguing that the entire, multimillion dollar civil judgment against Simpson be vacated because it was allowed to expire last month after 10 years -- a claim the Goldman family lawyers will challenge.

The Goldman and Brown families were awarded $33.5 million in a 1997 wrongful death civil lawsuit that found Simpson liable for the deaths of Brown Simpson and Goldman.

While Denise Brown has focused on domestic violence prevention in the decade since the murders, the Goldmans invested their energy in punishing Simpson through the courts.

Last month, they succeeded in securing the rights to future royalties from Simpson's movies, television appearances and commercials.

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