Cop in Taser Probe Fired for MySpace Pics

Etter at the time defended Wilmer's decision to detain the woman and kept the officer on duty. Etter defended that decision today and said that he fired Wilmer solely because of behavior that does not meet his department's standards, not related to the Redden Tasering incident.

"This decision was based on facts," Etter wrote in a media release about the firing, "not on speculation or outside pressure."

Jones, from Sharpton's National Action Network, said that his organization was relieved that Wilmer was terminated, but disputed Etter's claim that outside pressure did not play a role in the decision. "The investigation was only started because we called them," Jones said. "But the fact is, that [Wilmer] won't be able to Tase anyone else."

Jones is also waiting for Trotwood police to release another surveillance video that apparently shows two officers in May using pepper spray and Tasers to break up a brawl involving two high school girls on a school bus. The mother of one of the students contacted Jones after seeing the story about Wilmer's Tasering of the pregnant woman and said one of the officers used racial slurs while confronting the teens.

"If the tape shows what we think it shows, there is a real problem in Trotwood," Jones said, adding that he has been in contact with Sharpton about the Ohio town, which has a police force of about 45 officers.

In the police report about the school bus incident, Trotwood Officer Lester Howard, who discharged his pepper spray, said, "I was nervous and used some bad language, but it did bring the situation under control."

School officials then filed a complaint after learning from students that racial slurs had been used. Etter, the Trotwood chief, said that police investigated and received mixed messages from student witnesses about exactly what Howard had said.

But there may be more to the story. "The minute we got the complaint and said you're being investigated for this, he went on medical leave and then retired," Etter said. "You can read between the lines on that one."

The true tale may be in the tape.

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