Cops Call Dad Suspected of Kidnap a 'Ghost'

No valid Social Security number. No wedding certificate. No work or school history.

Clark Rockefeller may have hobnobbed in high society with a name that fit the part, but authorities investigating the alleged abduction of his 7-year-old daughter have been unable to build an accurate profile of the kidnapping suspect.

"Nobody knows who this guy is," a high-ranking Boston police official assigned to the task force in charge of investigating Rockefeller's background told ABC News in an exclusive interview. "He is a ghost."

Some of the mystery of who Rockefeller really is may be answered Thursday, when ex-wife Sandra Boss is expected to make a public statement, two investigative sources told ABC News.

Clark Rockefellers many aliases

The police official said that investigators have not located a valid Social Security number for Clark Rockefeller. They have also found no wedding certificate documenting his marriage to Boss, the mother of the missing child who won custody of their daughter, Reigh, after their 2007 divorce, the official said.

The task force has not found any work history for Rockefeller, who told one former neighbor in New Hampshire that he was a "physicist" and fashioned himself as a "philanthropist" who sat on the boards of various nonprofits.

Investigators also are unclear about Rockefeller's education history, the official said, despite reports that he commonly told acquaintances he attended Yale and Harvard. Some people have told authorities that Rockefeller said that his parents died in a car crash when he was young; others were told he was homeschooled as a kid.


Rockefeller, 48, is the sole suspect in the alleged kidnapping of his daughter on Sunday in Boston. Authorities have traced a plan that began when a black SUV pulled up and Rockefeller allegedly lifted the child into the car, eluding a social worker who was overseeing the visitation with his daughter and tried to stop the vehicle. The child lost her doll and backpack in the commotion.

If you have any information about this case, click here to contact the Boston Police Department.

From there, police say, Rockefeller and the child, who goes by the nickname "Snooks," were dropped by an unwitting livery driver -- who since has cooperated with police -- at a Boston hospital where 30-year-old Aileen Ang, an acquaintance of Rockefeller's he met at a Boston sailing club, picked the father and daughter up and drove them to New York City.

Boston police have issued an arrest warrant for Rockefeller on charges of custodial kidnapping, assault and battery, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Ang's mother told ABC News that her daughter was offered $500 by Rockefeller for the ride to New York in Ang's Lexus. She expected he would be alone, she said in an interview with WBZ radio in Boston, but was not surprised that Reigh was with him. Ang said that she believed that Rockefeller had custody of the child, and she said the two traded affections throughout the roughly four-hour ride.

After Ang dropped them in New York, she said she got a phone call from a friend who told her that Rockefeller and his daughter were the subject of an Amber Alert in Massachusetts. Ang then called 911 herself.

The Boston Police Department last placed Rockefeller at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. He had told Ang that he was heading for a boat he had recently purchased, a 72-foot catamaran called "Serenity."

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