Macarthur Fund Awards the Human Spirit

Gulf Coast Doctor, Artist Among Those to Receive Genius Grant

Walter Kitundu - An experimental instrument builder, composer and musician creating new instruments and possibilities for music.

Diane Meier - A geriatrician transforming how the elderly are provided medical care and having their social needs met.

Marin Soljacic - An optical physicist who realized Nikola Tesla's theory that electricity can be transmitted wirelessly; a technology that may someday be used to charge devices without the need for a power outlet.

Miguel Zenon - A jazz musician who is blending various jazz styles to fuse a new style of jazz for a new century.

Peter Pronovost - A critical care physician who is changing medical procedures to improve human error and reduce patient mortality.

John Ochsendorf - A structural engineer and architectural historian preserving historic structures and finding uses for ancient architectural techniques for contemporary use.

Jennifer Tipton - A stage lighting designer changing the relationship between stage lighting and performance.

Stephen Houston - An anthropologist revealing the Mesoamerican life from hieroglyphic inscriptions and figural art.

David Montgomery - A geomorphologist improving the understanding of the geophysical forces that shaped civilizations and continue to define our world.

Alex Ross - A music critic who continues to expand understanding of classic and contemporary music to music scholars and the general public alike.

Nancy Siraisi - A medical historian whose research has brought greater understanding of medieval and Renaissance medical history.

Rachel Wilson - A neurobiologist whose research has increased understanding of sensory physiology.

Kirsten Bomblies - A molecular biologist who is broadening our understanding of how new species originate.

Wafaa El-Sadr - An infectious disease specialist who has developed new methods for treating HIV and tuberculosis.

Andrea Ghez - An astronomer who has improved on how scientists look into the night sky by overcoming atmospheric limitations of ground-instruments.

Mary Jackson - A fiber artist who has preserved centuries-old techniques of sweetgrass basketry.

Leila Josefowicz - A violinist is bringing together traditional and contemporary works to inspire new violin compositions.

Alexei Kitaev - A physicist who has contributed to theoretical physics and continues to work on quantum systems.

Susan Mango - A biologist researching on how complex organisms form.

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