Calif. Cul-de-Sac Neighbors Just Can't Get Along

Plaster's husband, Dave Plaster, alleged in his own written statement to police that the Trussell boy "exhibits violent and destructive behavior toward all of the other children in the neighborhood."

The temporary restraining orders sought by Fisher and Plaster and a third made by another San Marcos resident, Danielle Harway, have all been rejected by the San Diego Superior Court.

When reached by phone, Dave Plaster declined to comment and referred all questions to the legal documents the couple filed. Calls made to the Harway residence were not immediately returned.

'I Got a Nightmare'

San Marcos, Calif., had a median household income of $70,781 in 2007, according to the San Diego Association of Governments, and the neighborhood that encompasses Weatherstone Way is described as middle-to-upper-class suburbia by residents. Residents say it's common for the neighborhood children to gather and play outside -- riding bikes and electric cars -- around the usually quiet streets.

Marla Trussell, Gary Trussell's wife, told that she had similar expectations of a happy neighborhood when she moved to San Marcos in August 2008. But she soon found that life on Weatherstone Way would be much different than she had anticipated.

"I expected that people would mind their own business, be a nice neighbor and put their trash out and keep up their lawns and say hello," said Marla Trussell, who is speaking on behalf of her and her husband. "Instead I got a nightmare."

The Trussells have placed a request for the other families to compensate them for the legal fees they paid to contest the restraining orders.

In a response to the Plasters' allegations, Gary Trussell wrote in court papers that his neighbors do not understand how to care for a child with autism and claimed the Plasters' son, who is 8, is the real "instigator" of the neighborhood drama.

According to Trussell, in January 2009 the Plaster's son drove up the Trussell driveway in an electric jeep and "taunted" their son.

"My son is afraid to walk around the neighborhood for fear of [the Plaster's son's] drive-by' insults," Trussell wrote. "He truly terrorizes the neighborhood on his electrical jeep, with no regard for other people's property."

But Fisher maintains that the 4-year-old Trussell boy has threatened her children.

"He's said, 'I'm going to shoot you,' or 'I'm going to kill you' and has grabbed some of the girls," Fisher told "Is [the Trussell boy] a threat? No. But yes, he has harmed people."

In court documents Fisher alleges that the Trussell boy once punched her daughter "on both sides of her head by her temples."

"We understand that he has a disability, but we're asking that the Trussells be proactive," said Fisher, who accuses the Trussells of only watching their kids play in the cul-de-sac on occasion.

Marla Trussell disputes that and says she is supervising her children -- the Trussells also have an 8-year-old daughter -- when they play outside.

"The kids would come home from school and might be outside or playing in the garage, and I might go inside and check on the stove, but yes, I would come outside," said Marla Trussell. "I was outside."

Neighbors Fed Up

Gary Trussell, in court papers, claims to not even know the third family who asked for a restraining order against him.

"I do not know Ms. Harway," Trussell wrote of Danielle Harway and her husband, Richard. "I do not even know which home is the Harveys' home."

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