Accused 'Craigslist Killer' Won't See Former Fiancee for 'Long Period of Time'

Suffolk County Prosecutor Edmond Zabin described to the courtroom "three violent assaults against three female victims."

Zabin said that Markoff had used the ID of a man from upstate New York by the name of Andrew Miller to purchase the 9mm gun he later used to kill Brisman.

According to Zabin, Markoff drove to Mason, N.H., in February to purchase the gun when his fiance, Megan McAllister, was away for the weekend. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco an Firearms traced the murder weapon to the New Hampshire shop and found Markoff's prints on the purchasing document, prosecutors said.

Those prints also matched those found at the scene of Brisman's killing, the DA said in court.

Andrew Miller is cooperating with the investigation, said Zabin, who did not comment on how Markoff and Miller knew each other.

It is unclear whether Markoff will appear in court again Tuesday when there will be another pre-trial hearing to argue motions by the defense attorneys.

Defense Attorney John Salsberg said that he will argue that "the jury pool has been poisoned."

Salsberg said that he has presented the district attorney's office with a list of questions regarding media leaks.

According to the indictment, evidence suggest that Markoff and Brisman struggled in the hotel room she had rented, and he hit her in the head several times with the butt of the 9mm semiautomatic pistol.

Zabin said that Markoff drew the gun, ordered the victim to the floor, forced her to her stomach and bound her arms with plastic ties. Markoff allegedly donned leather gloves during the attack and disabled Brisman's cell phone.

He then allegedly shot Brisman three times in the chest and stomach from close range, killing her almost instantly, according to the indictment.

Brisman was found by authorities with one flex-cuff restraint on her wrist and bruising on her other wrist. Zabin said that surveillence video of Markoff shows that he wore the same outfit -- a baseball cap and a button down t-shirt -- on April 10 and 14.

"Craigslist Killer" Allegedly Hid Evidence Under Bed

Police identified Markoff as the suspect by tracking the e-mails that were sent to Brisman to set up the meeting, according to a statement released by the prosecutor.

They used the Internet protocol address for the e-mail account to determine the physical adress from which the e-mails were sent, and when they staked out the location, saw a person who matched the description they had of the alleged assailant. That person turned out to be Markoff, the statement said.

When they learned he was a student at Boston University's medical school, investigators contacted university police to get a copy of his school identification photograph. When they showed that photo to the Las Vegas woman who had been robbed, she identified him as the man who had attacked her, according to the district attorney's statement.

Markoff allegedly used disposable Tracfones to contact the women. Calls can be made on the phones without the cellular company being able to identify who made them.

At the time of his arrest, which was made as he and his fiancee drove to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut on April 20, Markoff had the same Tracfone used to call Leffler, the woman he allegedly attacked on April 10, with him.

Before his arrest in connection to the murder and robbery, Markoff had been a second-year medical student at Boston University.

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