Pitino Sorry for 'Indiscretion,' Gets to Keep His Job

"Several months ago, Coach Pitino informed me about the alleged extortion attempt," Ramsey said in a statement. "I've now been informed that there may be other details which, if true, I find surprising."

At a brief news conference today, Ramsey said, "I have nothing else to add to that at this time. I have not had the opportunity to talk with anyone else. ... I'm sure I will have more to say in the future, but now is not the time."

The fact that Pitino's contract, like that of most professional coaches, contains a clause that states he can be dismissed for "dishonesty" and "moral depravity," had raised questions about whether, despite his success as a coach, the school would keep him on.

Rick Pitino Winning Image Tarnished

The charges and Pitino's admission to the cops has tarnished his image as a clean-cut married father of five with a reputation as a championship-caliber coach. One of Pitino's closest friends is a Catholic priest, the Rev. Edward Bradley, who prays with the team and is a fixture near the Louisville bench at all their games.

The first hint of the sex scandal surfaced in April when Pitino announced he was being extorted and filed a complaint with the FBI. Sypher was indicted on charges of extortion and lying to the FBI.

She reported the rape allegation to police last month. After an investigation, the Louisville police declined to prosecute Pitino.

In the police report, Pitino, 56, admits that he met Sypher, 49, at a party in a restaurant. She asked him to call her sons on her cell phone and encourage them to work hard in school, which he did, both sides agree.

Pitino claims she returned to the restaurant at closing and the restaurant owner gave Pitino the keys and left them there. The coach claims he and Sypher had consensual sex on a table, while she claims he forced himself on her.

Sypher told police no one else was present, but Pitino claims that a former assistant, Vinnie Tatum, was in the restaurant with him.

The police report by Sgt. Andy Abbott, commander of the sex crimes unit, said Tatum told police he didn't see anything, but did hear "the sounds of two people that seemed to be enjoying themselves during a sexual encounter."

The police report states that, two weeks later, Sypher called Pitino to tell him she was pregnant. They arranged to meet in a condo owned by Pitino's longtime assistant Tim Sypher, where they discussed the abortion. Sypher said she planned to get an abortion, but didn't have health insurance, according to the police report.

Pitino's lawyer Steve Pence told The Associated Press today that Pitino believed the $3,000 he gave her was for insurance, not for an abortion.

At the time, she was Karen Cunagin. But six months after meeting Tim Sypher, they married.

Rick Pitino Complaint Says Demands Escalated

She claims, however, that during that second meeting, Pitino raped her again while Tim Sypher was in another room. Pitino denied to police that there was a second sexual encounter at the condo.

The criminal complaint said Tim Sypher delivered his wife's written demands to Pitino, which included college tuition for her four children, two cars, money to pay off her house and $3,000 a month. Her demands later escalated to $10 million, the complaint states.

Karen and Tim Sypher are now involved in divorce proceedings.

According to Abbott's report, the investigating sergeant asked Sypher why she waited until after she was indicted on extortion charges to file the rape report.

"Because ... where we are, it seems like retaliation," Abbott said.

"I know it does," Sypher responded.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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