Gambling Problem? Answer These Questions

These questions may help young people consider if they have a gambling problem.

Do you find yourself gambling more frequently than you used to?

Has anyone ever suggested that you have a problem with gambling?

Did you ever gamble more than you intended to? (time or money)

Do you have a fantasy that gambling is going to make you rich?

Do you believe you have superior knowledge when you place a bet?

Do you lose time from school due to gambling?

Do you have intense interest in point spreads or odds?

Do you make frequent calls to sports phones or lotteries?

Have you ever bet with a bookmaker or used credit cards to gamble?

Have your grades dropped because of gambling?

Have you ever done anything illegal to finance your gambling?

Are gambling language or references part of your vocabulary?

Do you prefer to socialize with friends who gamble?

Does anyone in your family have an addiction?

Have you ever borrowed money to finance gambling?

Has anyone ever paid your gambling debts for you?

Does gambling give you a "rush?"

Do you find yourself craving another gambling experience?

Do you find yourself "chasing your losses?"

Have you ever tried to stop or control your gambling?

Have you lied about your gambling to family and/or friends?

Source: Arnie and Sheila Wexler Associates. For help, call 1-888-LAST-BET.