Eyewitness Accounts of McVeigh's Execution

OK. At the top, it says final written statement of Timothy McVeigh. His signature is this scribbled thing that sometimes Mr. McVeigh would write, and it has June 11, 2001. We compared it to the poem. It seems to be word-for-word, punctuation and all that.

CLAY: Let me give you a few more details. The warden at one point said, "Marshal, we are ready. May we proceed?" And then the marshal picked up a red phone and said, "This is the U.S. marshal to the Department of Justice Command Center. May we proceed?" Something was said back to him. And then the marshal, who was Frank Anderson, said, "We may proceed with the execution."

McVeigh was wearing a white T-shirt. The sheet came up to right about here. You could see the shoulders. The I.V. tubes looked to be yellow and gray. They came from a slot in the wall behind us. He did look to be hooked up to an EKG machine. There was a black line. And he did stare straight up, his eyes — dying with his eyes open is correct.

His eyes did roll back slightly. I also saw the gulping breath, where his cheeks bubbled up. And I saw that twice.

And I'll be glad to answer any questions after everybody is done. And anybody who wants to see me, I'll go through more detail.

KARIN GRUNDEN, TERRE HAUTE TRIBUNE-STAR: I'm Karin Grunden from the Terre Haute Tribune- Star. And I'll provide you a few additional details as well.

When we walked into the room, the curtain was closed. It was a bluish-green curtain. And a metal railing that came out from the wall kept us back from the window about 18 inches. There was a little bit of whispering among the guards right before this happened, some whispering in the room.

GRUNDEN: As the time got closer, again, we had the "testing, one, two, three" from the warden. And a correctional officer explained to us that they were checking the feed from Oklahoma City. And they also mentioned that, "We will be testing again," is what the correctional officer told us, "They're having some problems in Oklahoma City with the video feed."

When they got that straightened out, the warden again said, "Testing, one, two, three. We're ready." And you could hear the sound of the curtain opening at that point. The white sheet was up to his chest and he was also laying on a white sheet. There was a white sheet draped on the gurney.

The warden and U.S. Marshal Frank Anderson both had earpieces in. They were standing next to each other. The warden did say, "Inmate McVeigh, you may make your last statement." At that point, there was silence. At that point, the warden read the sentencing information. And then the red phone was picked up after the warden said, "Marshal, we are ready. May we proceed?"

The marshal responded, "Warden, you may proceed with the execution."

And, as others described, he looked around. He did swallow and puff some air and you could see his chest moving up and down. The warden did look at Timothy McVeigh. His eyes blinked a few times, and then they remained open.

And I'll let someone else go ahead.

KEVIN JOHNSON, USA TODAY: My name is Kevin Johnson with USA Today, I'll take you outside the execution chamber a little bit. We were dropped off on, I guess, the main entrance. We walked up a path to a 13-foot-high chainlink fence topped by razor wire with a couple of heavily-armed guards out front. And then we were ushered in.

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