Eyewitness Accounts of McVeigh's Execution

I thought perhaps the most remarkable part of it was, as other people have suggested here or have said here, reported here, that his eyes, his line of sight followed the roll of the curtain from right to left, passing first the attorney's window — or his witnesses' window, then ours, past the government witnesses, and then past the victim witnesses from Oklahoma City.

JOHNSON: As others have stated, he did strain himself from the gurney to look at each window. And as others have reported here, he did make eye contact with each of us, or at least tried to do that.

Once that happened, though, it was relatively unremarkable in the sense that he — of his expression. He moved his head back and never moved it from that position, staring straight at the ceiling. His eyes became increasingly glassy, almost watery as the process went on. However, before the first drug was administered, I think we all saw these couple of deep breaths, quick swallows, and then a fluttered breath from his lips. And then not much movement after that, perhaps a slight chest movement, as others have reported here before.

Toward the end of the process, sometime before the warden pronounced time of death, it wasn't clear — or at least any signs of breathing were not visible to us. And he appeared, again, as others have reported, to — his eyes were completely glassy at that point. And his skin color turned from almost a very, very pale when we first saw him to a light, light yellow. His lips also turned that color as well.

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