'AIDS Babies' Hit Dating Age: What Now?

Once inside, X's smile melted when Madison Square Garden attendees wanted to seat her in a special handicapped section.

"Tell them I can climb up the steps and sit with everyone else," she said. "I climb steps all the time when I'm in school."

So X pulled herself out of her wheelchair, and with one hand on a handrail and another on a nurse's aide's shoulder, she climbed up the steps and found her seat. Despite the noise at the circus, X borrowed a cell phone and managed to hold a conversation with her "peeps." No matter where she was, she had to stay in the loop with her friends.

X finished using the phone by the time the performances ended. While waiting for a chartered bus to arrive for the trip home, X sat in her wheelchair with her chin in her palm. She said she had an appointment to get her nails done.

Then she saw "Baby" waddling next to her. Baby was not yet 2 years old and is one of the newest arrivals at ICC. With her white furry coat, she was a living baby doll.

But like X, Baby also had hardened eyes. She smiled sometimes but it was rare. She was a tough audience for the Ringling Bros. clowns.

"Come on … come here to me," X said as she held her arms out. Baby slowly reached out to X and let her take her up into her arms.

Lady X bounced Baby to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irrestible" blaring in the background. Soon, Baby began to smile, bouncing in the arms of a young pioneer, who is leading the way for her and a lot of other children once thought to have been born to die.

Baby's eyes didn't seem so hard anymore.

ABCNEWS.com's Bryan Robinson has been a volunteer at The Incarnation Children's Center since March 2001.

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