Investigation: Future Terror Plot Foiled

Federal authorities have also issued warnings to the petrochemical and nuclear power industries.

Suspects Held Without Bail

A Virginia security guard with suspected links to the hijackers who piloted a jet into the Pentagon was held without bail today as investigators tried to determine whether he was involved in the attacks.

Mohamed Abdi wore a Burns Security uniform as U.S. Magistrate Curtis Sewell denied him bail at a hearing today in Alexandria, Va.

Though Abdi was formally held for allegedly forging his landlord's checks, he was under the guard of four U.S. marshals and denied bail because a federal prosecutor and FBI agent portrayed him as a potentially critical witness in the investigation of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"He's a material witnesses to the most heinous crime ever perpetrated against America," Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Spencer told the judge. Were Abdi to be released on bond for the check-forging charges, Spencer said, the government would immediately charge him as a material witness in the attacks.

FBI agent Kevin Ashby testified that Abdi's phone number was found written on a road map in a car registered to one of the suspected hijackers. Agents also found four diagrams of a Boeing 757 jet cockpit, maps of New York and Washington, a check made out to an Arizona flight school and a box-cutter, like those believed used to subdue passengers and crew on the four planes hijacked on Sept. 11.

The car, which was registered to suspected hijacker Nawaq Al-Hazmi, was found parked at Dulles International Airport the day after the attacks. Al-Hazmi was believed to be one of the men who seized control of American Airlines Flight 77, a 757 airplane, after it took off from Dulles. The plane's crash into the Pentagon is believed to have killed 189 people: 124 on the ground and 64 on the flight. Two other flights were piloted into the World Trade Center towers in New York. The fourth crashed in a field outside Pittsburgh.

Asbhy also claimed to have found Adbi carrying a newspaper clipping about Ahmed Ressam, who was convicted of plotting to bomb Los Angeles International Airport on New Year's Eve 1999.

Adbi's lawyer, Joseph Bowman, insisted his client, a naturalized Somali, did not know any of the hijackers, but could not explain why they apparently had his phone number. Though Bowman argued Abdi was not a flight risk, the judge ruled, "I am unable to disregard the connections and evidence of possible involvement to the incidences of Sept. 11."

A second man was held without bail today in connection with the attacks. Judge Sewell granted the government's request to continue holding Herbert Villalobos, who is charged with helping five of the suspected hijackers fraudulently obtain Virginia driver's licenses. Though his defense attorney argued Villalobos was not involved in the hijackings, the judge ruled that "the defendant certainly unlawfully engaged in acts that contributed" to the attacks.

Abdi and Villalobos are two of more than 300 individuals arrested and detained by the federal government, often on charges unrelated to the hijackings.

ABCNEWS has learned investigators have recovered from at least one crash site and other locations tied to the hijackers, writings portraying their hatred for America and the glory of martyrdom. One law enforcement source tells ABCNEWS that given that level of hatred, authorities can afford to take no chances.

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