Financial Motive Suspected in Bloody Spree

“We will proceed to determine the license status, and where and how those weapons were obtained,” Coakley said.

Trouble With the IRS

McDermott’s wages were to be garnished by the IRS after the holidays because he was delinquent in tax payments, said Coakley. The garnishment could have been a motive for the shootings, Coakley said.

A person familiar with the IRS order who did not want to be identified said the amount owed was “a couple thousand” dollars.

Coakley said Edgewater had agreed not to begin taking money from his paycheck until after the holidays. However, McDermott had an angry outburst in the company’s accounting department last week over the prospect of losing some of his wages, according to an employee who spoke only on condition of anonymity. He apparently felt the company was not doing enough to take his side against the IRS, the employee said.

But co-workers told The Boston Herald that McDermott appeared to have a good attitude about the garnishment.

“There was no yelling or anything like that,” one employee was quoted as saying. Another said, “His attitude was, ‘No problem, I’ll deal with it. Do what you have to do.’ That’s what’s so amazing.”

In a statement, the company said McDermott’s actions “apparently stem from occurrences in his personal life.”

“There was no way to anticipate his actions or any apparent reasons to restrict his access to the building,” it said.

Company Moving to Wakefield

The victims were identified as Jennifer Bragg-Capobianco, Janice Hagerty, Louis Javelle, Rose Manfredy, Paul Marceau, Cheryl Troy and Craig Wood.

McDermott had worked at Edgewater since March, said Middlesex County prosecutor John McEvoy.

During an earlier briefing, McEvoy refused to comment on whether a rumor that 25 percent of the company’s staff was about to be laid off may have prompted the shooting. Company officials said there have not been any layoffs at Edgewater and none was planned any time soon.

A spokesman for Edgewater said the software consulting company is in the process of moving its headquarters from Fayetteville, Ark., to Wakefield, located about 10 miles north of Boston.

The company is undergoing a streamlining process, selling off its Commercial Services and Intellimark divisions to focus on Internet services. Last Thursday it announced it was offering $8 a share for some 57 percent of the company’s outstanding common stock, a total offering of $130 million.

The company will remain closed until at least New Year’s, Coakley said.’s Dean Schabner, Andrew Colton and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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