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End Game for Bush and Gore

Plus: Inside the Next President’s Cabinet and Ailing Slugger Ted Williams ‘Doing OK’  

Nov. 5 — Clinging to a lead in the polls, GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush wants people to vote for a “fresh start” on Election Day, while rival Al Gore is imploring supporters to “lift me up.”

What would a Bush or a Gore presidency look like? Check our complete coverage for an interactive tour of their policy positions and their possible cabinet members, an Electoral College map, and candidate profiles.

Bush leads Gore in the polls, but how about the battle of the sports teams, pumpkins, and Halloween masks?’s Michael James looks at some of the stranger ways to predict who will win the White House.

Abdelkhader El Mouaziz became the first Moroccan winner of the New York City Marathon, breaking away just past the 12-mile mark. Ludmila Petrova of Russia won the women’s race.

Ted Williams, one of baseball’s greatest hitters, is in intensive care in a Florida hospital, but he tells a Boston newspaper he doesn’t know where “everybody’s getting the news that I’m at death’s door.”

If pits are tiny, tiny valleys on a CD, why don’t dust and scratches clog them up and stop the music? This week’s Answer Geek column explains all.

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