Is Girls' Murder Suspect Faking Insanity?

In January, jail deputies found Weaver cutting himself with a disposable razor blade in what was described as a possible suicide attempt.

Jail guards found a suicide note in Weaver's cell, but a criminal profiler told ABCNEWS affiliate KATU-TV in Portland he did not believe Weaver was willing to follow through.

"It's just typical of what they call a 'suicidal gesture,' " Dr. Frank Colistro said.

Colistro believes what Weaver wanted most is the attention from the public.

"Consistently, this is a guy who lives for attention, and essentially he just beat the gag order. He's back on the news," said Colistro.

For many residents of Oregon City, still shaken by the slayings of the two girls, Weaver's mental condition is not an issue.

"He should face the consequences. I mean, whether he's sick or not, I think he should face the consequences," Don Bruce, a Clackamas County resident, told KATU.

At the Oregon State Hospital, doctors say they rarely see people coming in who are trying to fake a mental illness, and even if it does happen, they say they have systems in place to catch them at it.

The litany of testing they do, for example, looks at someone's mental history, his short-term and long-term memory, and his ability to solve problems.

"There is a difference between someone who is mentally ill and suffering from a mental illness, and they perceive reality differently than you and I do, and the way someone who is angry and acting out and perceives reality basically the same way we do, but acts out on it differently," Dr. Gail Mason told KATU.

Even if people like Weaver are deemed mentally ill, it does not necessarily mean they are not fit to stand trial, she said.

"If it doesn't interfere with that, then they are going to court," Mason said.

State psychologists take into account the normal depression an inmate such as Weaver might suffer from being in solitary confinement for a year, Mason said.

ABCNEWS affiliate KATU-TV in Portland, Ore., contributed to this report.

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