TaskRabbit: Putting Americans Back to Work, One Odd Job at a Time


"Right, and a part of my thing is, I don't want to have to sit in an office and work nine-to-five. That's not me. I'd like to be out doing things. And this lets me do that," Hohen said.

One of the tasks Hohen is looking at on the website is a cupcake delivery by a patron named James.

"Yes, so this is, 'I have ordered and paid for four dozen cupcakes. I need you to pick them up and deliver them to my son-in-law as a surprise for his birthday. His office is located on the south end of Boston.'"

Hohen decided to bid $40 for that particular job, because "it's two stops and it is in Boston, so you might have a little traffic," she said.

She said her goal is to make $200 a day. If she makes that three days a week, plus her other job, it pays the bills.

Hohen won the bid and went on her way to Boston to pick up the cupcakes and deliver them to the surprise birthday party.

While Hohen was completing her task, another was underway across town in Lincoln, Mass.

Marc Hedges, who lost his job in construction in 2008, said, "It's terrible, I mean, I had a smiling face while I was working, everything was great, you know, you get weekends off, you didn't have to worry about money.

"All of a sudden, all your bills are on the back burner. You start worrying, you start freaking out."

Hedges was looking for another job when he found TaskRabbit.

"If I didn't have an income like TaskRabbit, I'd probably, well, be collecting cans or something crazy," he said.

Hedges is able to branch out using his skills as a construction worker to try out new things, be his own boss, and get paid for it.

Back in Billerica, Hohen said that with TaskRabbit, the sky's the limit.

"It gives you a good feeling knowing that people appreciate what you do with the everyday work that you do," she said. "You can make as much or as little as you want. Even when I see the guys with the cardboard signs, I give them a card and tell them, you really need work, go through them, they're hiring."

CEO Busque said, "We have folks who are making this their full-time jobs, almost their second career. We have people that cash out up to almost $5,000 a month, just from doing TaskRabbit tasks."

No one company can rescue America from its economic woes, but TaskRabbit aims to help people take back their lives, be their own boss, help people out, make some money and just feel good again.

"I know how to make them happy, and I like making them happy," TaskRabbit Hohen said. "It's a win-win situation."

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