"Whitey" Bulger Told By Witness He Was Going to Kill Him


The car pulled over in the D Street projects, which, Shea testified, were being renovated. It was abandoned. Boarded-up doors and windows and empty of people. Bulger led him to the cellar, and Shea thought he was a dead man.

"In housing projects, the cellar steps are like a coffin,'' Shea told the court. "That got me very very paranoid. Not a soul around."

Then Shea looked directly at Bulger and continued.

"If Jim may recall…I got in front of him and turned so my back was at the cement wall,'' Shea told the court.

Shea described watching Bulger's hands for his trademark switchblade and the stairway in case Bulger's alleged partner Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi showed up.

"I'm thinking that he took me down there to frighten me or whack me,'' Shea testified. "I always feared him a little bit because I knew he was smart and clever."

He looked directly at Bulger again and described what he was thinking in that cellar: That if he was going to die, so was Bulger.

"That's what I was thinking, Jim,'' Shea told the court holding Bulger's stare. "You're going with me."

Shea said Bulger rambled on in the cellar about "trust" until Shea reminded Bulger that he had previously gone to jail and didn't rat anyone out. That, Shea said, calmed Bulger and they left together. Bulger offered him a ride home. "I said no thanks," Shea said.

Court was adjourned for the July 4 holiday until Monday.

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