Teen Twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede Deny Neo-Nazi Past, Say 'It Was A Job'


From Death Threats to Medical Marijuana

"The twins were grabbed when they were so young and I mean a mother teaching you is everything. That's where you learn all of your morals and your humanity, if you have any," said Meeink, who wrote the book "Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead."

The twins today have also adopted a new perspective on another topic, the need for medical marijuana. Their passion for the cause began after Lynx was diagnosed with cancer during her freshman year of high school. She began smoking the substance to ease her pain.

"I have to say, marijuana saved my life. ... I would probably be dead if I didn't have it," she told the Daily Mail.

Lynx says she continues to smoke the substance for a migraine-related disorder after her bout with cancer.

The Gaede twins Wednesday stressed to ABC News they are new people and that, although they don't regret the experiences they have had along the way, time and those experiences have changed them for the better.

"We received death threats," Lamb said. "We saw the dark side on both sides of the issue. It caused a lot of stress and sadness.

"That's why we pulled out," she added. "We can't stand to be subjected to that anymore."

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