Teens Who Allegedly Filmed Fatal Attack Are Charged With Murder


'Happy Slapping' Videos Become More Violent

Nadine Kaslow, vice chair and chief psychiatrist at Emory University, told ABC News that she believes there a number of reasons for the increase in these sorts of filmed crimes, including the easy access to technology, the copycat phenomenon, and the lack of etiquette to what you do and don't post to social media.

"I think that people are thinking about the bravado and not the consequences ? It demonstrates a lack of conscience," Kaslow said, adding that the ease of uploading and viewing these crimes leads them to spread.

"It's one thing to hear if a kid did it, it's another to see it. Social media puts it more in our face. We can click on YouTube, and then try to top it. It's not like we have to go somewhere to find this out. It's right in our pocket," she said.

Relatives of Delfino Mora, who told WLS he spent his entire life trying to help his family move to the U.S. from Mexico, are now trying to plan funeral services and return his body to Mexico.

Kaslow says that his 12 children may have a long road to recovery ahead of them.

"To watch your father being killed by a bunch of kids online -- the nightmares, the trauma," she said. "In this case, all his children are victims too."

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