5 Things You Should Know This Morning

PHOTO: People visit the Supreme Court in Washington, DC.Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo
People visit the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. Debby Moving Eastward

Tropical Storm Debby is hovering over the Florida panhandle, with winds up to 45 mph. More than 20 inches of rain fell south of Tallahassee in just 24 hours. Debby is moving eastward and is expected over Florida's northern peninsula over the next few days.

2. Temperatures Heading Above 100

A triple digit heat wave is moving through parts of the country. Denver, Colorado's forecast today is 108 degrees – the hottest temperature on record there. The heat is expected to move east into Chicago by Thursday where temperatures could reach 105 degrees.

3. Wildfires Hurting Colorado's Tourism Industry

It's a season of uncertainty for Colorado's $5 billion tourism industry because of the wildfires near Rocky Mountain National Park. The state is having one of its worst fire seasons at the height of midsummer vacation season.

4. Hotline to Report Potential Civil Rights Concerns

The Justice Department has set up a hotline allowing the public to report potential civil rights concerns in light of the Arizona law that requires police to check immigration statuses of anyone they stop for any reason.

5. Cher Heading to Broadway

Cher is heading to Broadway with a new musical based on her life. The show will feature three important stages of the singer's life and will feature her original music.