5 Things To Know This Morning

PHOTO: A Delta flight headed to Madrid returned to JFK after takeoff Thursday, July 12, 2012, after suspicious wires were noticed on board by Federal Air Marshals.

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. Draught Now Largest Disaster Area in U.S. History

With more than half of the country experiencing a drought, the USDA has declared the drought the largest natural disaster area in U.S. history, based on how much ground it is covering. According to the USDA, 26 states are experiencing droughts.

2. Flight Grounded Over Suspicious Wires

A Delta flight headed for Madrid from New York turned around shortly after takeoff when suspicious wires were found in one of the plane's lavatory. After landing at JFK airport, a SWAT team and Bomb Squad search found two pieces of a drinking straw with wires running through them but no bomb.

3. Report: Condi Rice as Romney's VP?

There are reports that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is at the top of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's list for a running mate. 'Drudge Report' says that Rice has emerged as a frontrunner and that an announcement is set for the coming weeks.

4. Thousands Fall Victim to Utility Bill Scam

Thousands of Americans have fallen victim to a fast-moving scam that claims to be part of an Obama administration program that helps pay utility bills. The scheme has conned people into giving out personal information like Social Security and checking account numbers so it can help people pay bills in the middle of a brutally hot summer.

5. Congress Angry Over Olympic Uniforms

Members of Congress are not happy after learning that the uniforms for the U.S. Olympic athletes are made in China. Republicans and Democrats are fuming at the decision while so many U.S. workers are struggling for jobs in trying economic times.

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