5 Things to Know This Morning

PHOTO: The Healthcare.gov website is displayed on laptop computers arranged for a photograph in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Oct. 24, 2013.

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. House to Vote on 'Keep Your Health Plan Act'

The House will vote Friday on a Republican measure called the "Keep Your Health Plan Act," which would allow Americans to keep their current health insurance plans in 20114 without penalty. The government revealed yesterday only 100,000 people had signed up for new plans through exchanges.

2. More US Aid Arrives in Philippines

A U.S. aircraft carrier and two U.S. Navy destroyers arrived in the Philippines earlier today to help hundreds of thousands who have gone without food and clean water for nearly a week after a typhoon made landfall last week.

3. Yellen Set to Testify in Confirmation Hearing

Federal Reserve Chair Nominee Janet Yellen will appear this morning before the Senate Banking Committee for her confirmation hearing, though she is not expected to send any signals of a new direction in policy.

4. Alec Baldwin's Accused Stalker Cries and Says 'We Made Love'

Lawyers in the case against Alec Baldwin's alleged stalker will give their closing arguments in court today while the suspect sits in jail; a judge called in contempt of court yesterday and ordered her to serve 30 days.

5. Prince Charles Turns 65

The heir to the British throne, Prince Charles turns 65 today. In an off the cuff interview, Camilla says her husband is ''hopeless'' to buy presents for and that "he's not one for chilling."

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