Timeline of Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax Story


Manti Te'o Hoax Timeline

JUNE 2012

Kekua informs Te'o that she has leukemia, Te'o told ESPN.

JULY 4, 2012

Te'o again plans to see Kekua, but he gets tied up because of a family reunion, according to the account he gave ESPN.


Jazmine Lutu, Tuiasosopo's real life cousin, is diagnosed with leukemia, according to Tuiasosopo's father's Facebook page.

SEPT. 12, 2012

Te'o grandmother dies Sept. 11, but he finds out on Sept. 12. Kekua calls him saying that she will be there for him. Two hours later Te'o says he gets a call from Kekua's "brother" hysterically saying "she's gone."

SEPT. 13, 2012

Te'o tweets, "I may not hear your voice but I do feel your presence."

SEPT. 15, 2012

Te'o has a great game against Michigan State recording 12 tackles and makes mention of the death of his grandmother and Kekua in a post game interview. The story of the death of his girlfriend and grandmother on the same day would make national headlines and becoming one of the biggest stories in college football.

SEPT. 22, 2012

Kekua funeral set to take place on the same day as Notre Dame vs. Michigan game. Te'o makes a promise to her that he would play football no matter what should anything happen to her.


Te'o begins dating Alex Pillar. People related to Kekua reach out to him and call her a gold digger and begin warning him about her, he told ESPN.

NOV. 21, 2012

Te'o tweets, "Funniest part is I already know I got your attention," and "The worst thing you can do is fool yourself."

NOV. 24, 2012

Te'o meets Tuiasosopo at the USC-Notre Dame game for the first time, he told ESPN. It was during a meeting he wanted set up with a 9-year old who was supposed to be Kekua's cousin. In the past, he had spoken with this girl and she was described as Kekua's cousin. He wanted the meeting as a way to remember Lennay.

DEC. 4, 2012

JR Vaosa tweets Te'o warning him that Kekua is a hoax, and doesn't exist. Vaosa, 28, of Torrance, Calif., said on ESPN's "Outside the Lines'' that their cousin began an online romance in 2008 with a woman who portrayed herself as a model. Vaosa said he went with his cousin to meet the online Kekua at various places. But instead of Kekua, he told ESPN, they would be met by Tuiasosopo.

DEC. 6, 2012

After ESPN/Home Depot Award show in Orlando, Te'o got a call from Kekua, saying she is not dead, Te'o told ESPN.

"I just went on a rampage. Like, how could you do this to me?" Te'o told ESPN.

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