Trayvon Martin Case: Lead Investigator Asked to Step Down


The U.S. Attorney in Central Florida and officials from the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division will be meeting Thursday with Martin family as they investigate the case.

Attorneys in the justice department are likely looking into whether or not Martin's rights were deprived by Zimmerman during the altercation that led to the teen's death. They are also looking into whether he was the victim of a hate crime.

Their inquiry continues as the Martin case continues to transfix the nation. Social media exploded this week with over the case, catapulting the incident into the national spot light. A single petition calling for his killer's arrest had around 800,000 signatures and was the fastest growing petition in Internet history, according to

For nearly three weeks, the story had languished, as did the petition set up for Martin's parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. It sat with just a few thousand signatures, but towards the end of last week, as ABC News and other media began intensifying their coverage, and celebrities tweeted about the story, interest soared.

A host of celebrities from hip hop icon and entrepreneur Russell Simmons to new age leader Deepak Chopra to director Spike Lee have written and tweeted, calling for justice for Martin. Black radio and television hosts have also buoyed the story, calling on authorities to act.

The Martin family took their fight to the streets of New York City Wednesday night as they linked with around 2,000 protestors who marched through Manhattan, demanding justice for the slain 17-year-old.

"We will not go politely in the night," said the teen's father Tracy Martin. "We will tell people in Florida that we are not alone."

ABC News' Pierre Thomas, Carlos Boettcher and Jason Ryan contributed to this report

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