Trayvon Martin Witness Believes 'He Intended for This Kid to Die'


Police said the witness elaborated by saying the black man was mounted on Zimmerman and throwing punches "MMA" style, meaning mixed martial arts style. The witness stated that the man on the ground yelled out for help.

Witness 6 said he was going to call for police when he heard the "pop" of Zimmerman's gun.

"When I looked down, I saw the person that was on top was laying in my grass in a sprawled position," witness said. "Saw another guy with his hands in the air, saying, 'The gun's on the ground, I shot this guy in self-defense.'"

Police said they believe Martin noticed he was being watched and "was in fact running generally in the direction of where he was staying as a guest of the neighborhood."

Multiple witnesses and injuries sustained corroborate Zimmerman's account that he was involved in a serious altercation with Martin, one that police say could have been avoided if he did not leave his car as directed by the 911dispatcher. The investigator said the tragedy was avoidable.

Witness 3 said the timing was terrible.

"I saw the police arrive. And they were literally like 5 seconds too late -- like right after the gun went off. Like, they were literally that, that, that short a distance late," the witness said.

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