Tucson Shooting: Jared Loughner Stopped for Traffic Violation Hours Before Shooting


Loughner, 22, was also suspended from Pima Community College in October 2010 after he violated the school's conduct code by taping a YouTube video on campus that accused the school of being "unconstitutional." Loughner ended up withdrawing from the school.

According to Loughner's college records, on Sept. 29, an officer who delivered the suspension letter to Loughner's home where he was met by Loughner and his father, Randy. The report says Loughner "held a constant trance of staring as I narrated the past events that had transpired," and kept that stony silence for an hour until he finally said, "I realize now that this is all a scam."

In May 2010 a teacher reported Loughner became "very hostile" when he learned he was received a "B" in his Pilates class. The teacher told campus police that Loughner "threw his work down" and said the grade was "unacceptable."

The teacher also told authorities that she worried that a conversation with Loughner after class might "become physical."

And in September 2010, two campus cops took Loughner to see a counselor, after which a report was written to say that "there might be a mental health concern involved with Loughner."

Classes that Loughner took between 2005 and 2010, when he withdrew from school, included "Tai Chi for Beginners," "Country Swing in a Nutshell," "Yoga," "Meditation" and a course listed as "Making Career Choices."

He was also enrolled in several more traditional courses such as "Introduction to Sociology," and the "Natural History of the Southwest."

A high school friend of the accused gunman dismissed speculation that Loughner's alleged rampage was sparked by political passion.

"He did not watch TV, he disliked the news," Zach Osler said. "He didn't listen to political radio, he didn't take sides, he wasn't on the left, he wasn't on the right."

Osler said that Loughner was angry at the world.

"He wasn't shooting people, he was shooting at the world," the friend said.

Friend of Jared Loughner Said Suspect Used Drugs Frequently

"I wish I could have helped him. ... I just forgot about him, you know," Osler said. "We stopped talking to each other. I wish there was something I could have did or said to help him or try to get him help. I just didn't, so that's why it's hard to look at the picture of him. It looks like a monster."

Loughner was arraigned at a federal court in Phoenix Tuesday on charges related to the deadly shooting that has left Giffords in intensive care. Giffords remains in critical condition, but doctors are optimistic about her recovery. She is now able to breathe on her own.

Loughner's downward spiral and increasing anger began after a high school girlfriend, Kelsey Hawkes, broke up with him, Osler said.

Hawkes, in a statement released to the Los Angeles Times said, "'I did date Jared Loughner six years ago in high school but he's not the same Jared Loughner that the world now knows as a mass murderer -- not the same person at all.'

As a teenager, Loughner turned to heavy drinking and drugs, such as the legal hallucinogen salvia, Osler said.

"He would say he was using it, and he would talk about it and say what [it] would do to him and I was like, 'Dude, that's screwed up.'"

Osler described the Loughner family home as uninviting.

"The house itself is kind of shrouded, it's covered up ... like cold, cold dark unpleasant. ... I always felt unwelcome, always, like I shouldn't be there," Osler said.

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