What You Need to Know About the Killings at UC Santa Barbara


Where Did the Hashtag #YesAllWomen Come From?

  • In the days after the shooting, Twitter users began talking about the misogyny and sense of entitlement Rodger displayed in his manifesto and YouTube videos. His grudge against women sparked the hashtag "#YesAllWomen," which referred to misogyny that all women have experienced in their lives.
  • The campaign's point is that while not all men are guilty of crimes to women, all women are affected by misogyny. All women have feared things men do, according to the Twitter user who launched the hashtag.
  • "Because we're taught 'don't leave your drink alone' instead of 'don't drug someone,' read one Tweet with the tag #YesAllWomen.
  • "Because I shouldn't have had to send my daughters to college with pepper spray and a rape whistle. #YesAllWomem." read another.
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