Utah Man Charged in Wife's Death, Fake 911 Call

PHOTO: Conrad Truman is seen court in Orem, Utah, where he is facing trial for obstruction of justice and the murder of his wife. PlayKTVX/ABC News
WATCH Utah Man Charged With Killing His Wife

A Utah man who threatened to kill police officers investigating his wife's death has now been charged with murder to claim her life insurance money.

Conrad Truman, of Orem, Utah, was charged on Monday with first degree murder and obstruction of justice. He reported the death of his wife, Heidy Truman, last year in a frantic 911 call.

In the call Truman can be heard shrieking and speaking incomprehensibly.

"She was in the shower, she came out of the shower, I heard a 'pop,' and there's blood, it's her blood," Truman told the 911 dispatcher.

"She's choking," he added.

Orem Police arrived at the scene with emergency responders and found Heidy Truman's body on the kitchen floor with a gunshot wound to the head, according to a police report.

According to the report, Truman was belligerent and would not cooperate with police.

"Conrad threatened to kill Orem officers and EMS workers as they attempted to help his wife," the report stated.

"Blood was found on Conrad's person, and blood was found on the stairs, front entry way to the home, several walls and in the living room on the couches, bedroom wall and bathroom wall," the report continued.

Heidy Truman was pronounced dead on Oct. 1, 2012. An autopsy revealed she died of a gunshot wound to the head.

"Conrad said he saw a black male run out of the home just before Heidy was shot. Conrad said Heidy may have been shot through the window or wall in the shower, and she was murdered," according to the report.

But an investigation revealed no evidence that Heidy Truman was shot in the shower or that there was a home intruder, according to the police report.

Truman then told police his wife had shot herself, first by accident and then on purpose. When pressed by investigators to give more information, he refused.

"You have questions, well they can wait until I'm ready," Truman told Wallace. "I don't know nothing man."

"The inaccuracies of Conrad's multiple stories…are blatant examples of Conrad's dishonesty," the investigating officer wrote in the police report. "His lack of cooperation and repeated dishonesty…indicate he was the one that shot and killed Heidy."

Police allege that Truman was after his wife's life insurance plan, valued at $878,767.00, according to the police report.

Truman was arrested last Friday and made his first court appearance Monday. He has not yet submitted a plea, according to Lieutenant Craig Martinez, of the Orem Police Department. It's unclear if he has legal representation.