Veterans Day: What Makes a Hero?


She devotes much of her time to The Jamie Jarboe Foundation, dedicated to helping and honoring wounded soldiers.

Jarboe's medical care could be characterized, in the most charitable way, as unfortunate. Melissa is fighting for better medical care for "wounded warriors" but is not bitter.

"I'm putting all the love and admiration I have for him into everyone around me," she says. "It helps me heal and helps me become a better person."

Jamie Jarboe's list is something he only shared with his wife, but she did reveal his last request.

"He made me promise to love again," she says.

In the last few days of Jarboe's life, the nurses asked him if he regretted his service. If he had to do it all over again, would he join the military, go to Iraq and Afghanistan?

Melissa said her husband didn't hesitate: "I have no regrets. I love the military. I love my country. I'd take that bullet again."

Melissa says she can't complain either.

"He came home to me," she says.

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