13-Year-Old Raises Money for Sick Friend

North Carolina girl helps best friend's family pay heart transplant bills.
2:18 | 01/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 13-Year-Old Raises Money for Sick Friend
In the game of life you never know the hand you'll be dealt. In November 12 year old Kristen hicks had a lingering cough and went from her -- doctor to duke diagnosed with an enlarged heart. -- went ten testing. To echo. Which is different look at your heart -- and won't. And down state I see it. When I first and that she and they -- And risen thanks and he is -- Highly -- that interiors like my best friends in the hospital and she in 1991. And the hurricanes front. -- got lucky and got a new heart within days her mother knows that organ donation means another family suffered -- -- that's mainly that I don't know. And may never now. Gave me my daughter back. -- -- -- -- -- What she gained is more time with her daughter's hand with their friends. But they also faced mounting medical bills and medication expenses. Are -- -- pay for her medications monthly and somewhere between three and 400 dollars. A month. And that'll mean for the rest of her life. And that's where Christians best friend and in the pre school comes in. She turns thirteen on Friday and her family has a tradition of giving back on their birthday we started a tradition. When she was in kindergarten and them using their birthdays to. Thank god for another year of life and for all the blessings that we -- -- by doing something with that life. To make a difference in the lives of others this year they're making a difference -- -- life. Instead of birthday gifts Ana -- is asking the community for donations to help her friend. This year I want to -- -- Get 1000 people. To guiding hand of blessing and -- thirteen dollars each and only in my tank thirteen. Kristen now as it works -- thirteen years old because at the heart transplant. That she had and I think that came to get this. Donations will be collected through the children's organ transplant association. If they collect more than one Kristin needs other families dealt the same hands where he helped knowing her best friend is doing -- It -- everything.

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{"id":15404222,"title":"13-Year-Old Raises Money for Sick Friend","duration":"2:18","description":"North Carolina girl helps best friend's family pay heart transplant bills.","url":"/US/video/13-year-old-girl-raises-money-sick-friend-15404222","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}