14-Year-Old Charged in Bank Robberies

The North Carolina teen was arrested with a 32-year-old alleged accomplice.
1:34 | 11/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 14-Year-Old Charged in Bank Robberies
-- -- young we can't name him or even show his picture on TV. But his image was captured multiple times robbing four banks and too convenient stores in less than a month. Asked -- this week. He will become a number. In society. He will be and nobody he will be their number but he's somebody. He will be able -- The fourteen year old arrested yesterday and charged with six counts of armed robbery is this woman's grandson. She's sharing her story to help other parents and grandparents realize this could happen to their child. You know one -- for your child. -- Ukraine's health. It was -- it was a shock to all of us. She says her grandson got mixed up with the wrong crowd was he involved in gangs or its -- by games. Terrorism little poking. As -- boys that's through Doug conspiring. -- -- -- The fourteen year old was arrested yesterday along with 32 year old Christopher Wilson. Here is accused of robbing several banks including this one yesterday -- -- -- avenue. This is him in the security teacher from the bank the are also charged with robbing two convenience -- police say they could this woman Bragg boulevard October 30. His grandmother says it started with him taking bikes in the neighborhood and stealing socks from a department stores. But deep down leading news. You don't go from being at petty thief to -- terrible criminal.

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{"id":14963404,"title":"14-Year-Old Charged in Bank Robberies","duration":"1:34","description":"The North Carolina teen was arrested with a 32-year-old alleged accomplice.","url":"/US/video/14-year-old-charged-in-north-carolina-bank-robberies-14963404","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}