15-Year-Old Runaway Sexually Assaulted, Forced to Farm Pot

Police arrest two men that held woman as sex slave and forced her to tend to their drug crop.
1:27 | 07/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 15-Year-Old Runaway Sexually Assaulted, Forced to Farm Pot
Authorities say thirty year old Ryan the let -- and 24 year old Patrick pair -- Kept a fifteen year old Los Angeles girl in a metal toolbox for at least three days. The victims sexually abused and forced to work and a marijuana growing operation in northern California. LAPD commander Andrew Smith tells us a fifteen year old is a run away from the San Fernando Valley. She was reported missing on April 2 and is believed to have met the two men. While she was living on the streets in Hollywood the break in the case came with a call from an anonymous tipster. We were able to with the help of that anonymous tipster figure out who the individual was that may have either kidnapped terror -- -- -- to -- at northern California. And we were able to locate a possible -- -- this person might be. After LAPD detectives notified lake county -- the fifteen year old was likely with a lot -- -- she called police here in LA to say she was okay. Authorities traced that call to a West Sacramento hotel where she was later found with -- pair made along with the script she allegedly -- to police over the phone. The fact that we're -- -- in just a couple of days with just a bare thread of information. This speaks volumes about our detectives but really the person I think is that tipster who came forward and provided us with that -- bit of information and we needed. 14100 marijuana plants were recovered from the property owned by the -- -- as well as this cache of weapons when the men were arrested on May first. Court documents show the property had been under federal investigation for eighteen months.

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{"id":19792477,"title":"15-Year-Old Runaway Sexually Assaulted, Forced to Farm Pot","duration":"1:27","description":"Police arrest two men that held woman as sex slave and forced her to tend to their drug crop.","url":"/US/video/15-year-runaway-sexually-assaulted-forced-farm-pot-19792477","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}