40 People Arrested in Child Sex Sting

Florida arrests include Champions PGA tour player, swim coach and teacher.
1:30 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for 40 People Arrested in Child Sex Sting
After the debate house it's still a secret but. But late this afternoon the Osceola county sheriff's office released -- video taken inside the house where dozens of suspects each came to meet an underage girl for sex. What's most concerning about this -- there are so many out there. But also that some of these individuals -- directly children. The forty suspects ranged in age from eighteen to seventy most of them from Central Florida. But the suspects included an eighth grade teacher from port saint Lucie and -- -- still swim coach who was recently relieved of his duties at the -- swim club for children. I think you got a guy he's parental instinct to when you're dealing with anybody who deals with your kids in any -- The suspects face a variety of felony charges this is the first of its kind sting operation -- you'll accounting. But in neighboring Pope county where we covered a number of similar operations the standard we -- despite years in -- Plus five years' probation. They still -- prosecutor's office hasn't had a chance to review any of these current cases and therefore wouldn't say what might happen.

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{"id":15386734,"title":"40 People Arrested in Child Sex Sting","duration":"1:30","description":"Florida arrests include Champions PGA tour player, swim coach and teacher.","url":"/US/video/40-people-arrested-child-sex-sting-15386734","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}