Treasure Found in Storage Unit

California man uncovers container bought at auction filled with gold and silver.
0:39 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Treasure Found in Storage Unit
Most of us that might expect to find a pirate's treasure and a sunken ship may be tropical island. But one lucky California man -- -- in a dusty blue plastic box in an abandoned storage unit. The unidentified man from San Jose but the storage unit at auction last month sight unseen and run by the same auction company featured. In the -- -- -- storage wars by the way. The container -- about sixteen gold Spanish according it's quite a few silver Spanish dollars and several gold and solar bars. All told worth about half a million dollars not bad for an 11100 dollar investment.

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{"id":14957418,"title":"Treasure Found in Storage Unit","duration":"0:39","description":"California man uncovers container bought at auction filled with gold and silver.","url":"/US/video/500k-treasure-found-storage-unit-14957418","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}