8-Year-Old Pulls Boy From Bottom of Pool

Cooper Davis from Georgia saved a child from drowning while vacationing in California.
1:18 | 07/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 8-Year-Old Pulls Boy From Bottom of Pool
Year old Cooper Davis considers himself a pretty good swimmer. I don't -- hopeful last hearing -- hair and -- It's full circle my whole life. Back on July 2 hillside elementary third grader was swimming laps at a hotel pool near Disneyland. That training paid off and I -- you know why -- back. Packed with -- sound I took a grant and -- and other can't stand. Calpavakiya. Scandal and all I heard was. Younger boy -- help somebody's at the bottom of the pool. And so I -- immediately to like their -- tip came -- territory and as a -- and -- a group that was my old echo Sewell and underlying outstanding. Cooper pulled the boy to the surface you know he was -- and really no signs of -- -- signs of life -- -- current case. He's basically -- -- proceeded. Basically trying to -- CPR the boy survived paramedics -- little Cooper a hero. He is a hero in my eyes police gave -- this point to commemorate his heroics. Cooper says he likes the attention but he likes the outcome even more -- I -- whole typical.

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{"id":16870344,"title":"8-Year-Old Pulls Boy From Bottom of Pool","duration":"1:18","description":"Cooper Davis from Georgia saved a child from drowning while vacationing in California.","url":"/US/video/8-year-old-pulls-boy-bottom-pool-16870344","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}