Aaron Hernandez Alleged Accomplice Says Ex-NFL Star Shot Victim

New details surface regarding the death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.
5:20 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aaron Hernandez Alleged Accomplice Says Ex-NFL Star Shot Victim
This is a special report from ABC news. -- -- -- ABC news digital special report Aaron Hernandez's alleged accomplices turning against him. -- a lot more details coming from the police authorities released a 156. Page document outlining. The warrants against the former New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez ABC's -- -- ski has had a chance to go through. All 156 pages to tell us more about what is detailed in this document Eric. The police were keeping this investigation pretty close to the chest why all of a sudden we get this information. Well because we asked -- -- and neither the prosecutors of the defense attorneys. -- ended up objecting and so we were given this document which it shows. Number of things chiefly the first encounter that police had. We've Aaron Hernandez at his home after the murder opposing -- that semi pro. Football player who was found dead back on June 17 in an industrial park in North Attleboro Massachusetts about a mile from where Aaron Hernandez lives. And when police first encountered Hernandez at his home. They said he was argumentative according to these court documents. And ask them what's -- all the questions. And when police told him. But they were investigating -- death they said he seemed unconcerned. That and the question. Has also been raised the fact that Hernandez's alleged accomplice to -- it. He shot -- -- and not anybody else. What more do we know that from this document -- about them possibly putting Hernandez on the house. Remember police and prosecutors have declined to publicly say who they believe. Which of the three. -- the actual -- that killed -- -- because Hernandez is charged with two alleged accomplices Carlos Ortiz and -- Wallace. -- Wallace was arrested in Florida in Miramar Florida and court records unsealed. In Fort Lauderdale. They indicate that Wallace told the other co defendant. Carlos Ortiz that Hernandez admitted to him to pulling the trigger and that's what Ortiz ended up coming police according to these court records. And so what we have according to these documents as it is effectively is one of Aaron Hernandez is co defendants. Quoting another co defendants saying that Aaron Hernandez was the triggerman against those -- -- they also ask about these text messages. -- possibly could indicate. His motivation. Well police have been talking about there's a possibility of another shooting. And it happened in Boston at the -- nightclub. Having something to do with the death -- vote Lloyd and from what we've been able to piece together and talking to our sources -- these newly released documents. It it seems as if Aaron Hernandez may have been unhappy that -- Lloyd. Was talking to some people left the club that that Hernandez didn't quite like it may -- Lloyd had some information about this prior shooting. That Hernandez didn't want out and maybe. -- the theory goes that is why Aaron Hernandez allegedly pulled the trigger. And then shot and killed a -- also coming out in this case surveillance images showing Hernandez returning home. What are police say about that stock. Well -- you can see the from the images that were released -- it looks like Hernandez says in his basement went there with with officers. And and look broadly in the east these documents show the scope of the police investigation. Not only did authorities go through Aaron Hernandez's home. They also went through what was called a flop house and apartment that he had rented in another town they went through. His car they went through his and electronic devices as cell phones and and is. Locker at Gillette Stadium where the patriots play all in the pursuit of evidence against him and just. -- calling back on this it was just shortly after he was arrested. New England Patriots had cut him loose ends as mentally he's obviously lost -- sponsorships. And a lot of endorsement deals. We've gone through this entire document and others it's quite extensive what else stood out. -- Really did this scope of the of the police investigation and and we should tell you then there there are two separate. Documents that we're looking at some released in Massachusetts. Some released in Florida an and taken together they show a much broader picture of the case then we've known so far. It talks about Aaron Hernandez's disposition when he first encountered police argument -- -- what's up with all the questions. But crucially one of -- co defendants tells another of his co defendants that Hernandez admitted to shooting and killing. -- Lloyd that could be a potentially damning piece of evidence for prosecutors. Aaron Hernandez's attorney says this is all circumstantial evidence. A lot of details coming out there -- business. Anyway ABC's parent diversity in Florida forced with the latest on that -- thank you thank. -- was it a complete write up on abcnews.com. As Aaron Hernandez is being held on bail charged. With the murder of a former football player for now on Dan -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19629934,"title":"Aaron Hernandez Alleged Accomplice Says Ex-NFL Star Shot Victim","duration":"5:20","description":"New details surface regarding the death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.","url":"/US/video/aaron-hernandez-investigation-digital-report-alleged-accomplice-nfl-19629934","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}