Aaron Hernandez Probable Cause Hearing Delayed

Judge grants prosecution extension to present evidence in former Patriots murder case.
8:45 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Aaron Hernandez Probable Cause Hearing Delayed
This is a special group. Report from ABC news. Hello everyone I'm tired and is in New York with the CBC news digital special report on the day his former boss patriots head coach Bill Belichick is discussing the case with the press. Alleged killer Aaron Hernandez returned to court in Attleboro Massachusetts for probable cause hearing. First let's listen to -- -- spoken opened up a lot more than people may have expected a little before 2 o'clock this afternoon. This this case involves an individual who. Happened to be -- New England Patriots. We certainly do not condone unacceptable behavior. And this does not in any way represent the way that -- -- patriots. Want to do things. As the coach of the team -- on primarily responsible. For the people who we bring in of the football operations. Our players are generally highly motivated. Man. Gifted athletes that come from very different backgrounds. The -- many challenges along the way. -- Have done things to get here. Sometimes they've made better and mature decisions. But we try to look at every six every single situation. On a case by case basis. And try to do what's best for the football team what's best for the French us. But I'm personally disappointed and hurt. In a situation like this. -- now as far as the whole process goes. Can tell you that we look at every player's history from the moment. We start discuss and it. Going back to his family. Where he grew up what does -- lifestyle was like. High school. College experiences. We evaluate its performance is intelligence. His work ethic. It's his motivation. Is maturity. Is improvement. And we tried for. -- -- -- Belichick was still taking questions from the media. Hernandez's lawyer was asking the judge to dismiss the State's request to delay the case by thirty -- against -- They brought OK for weeks ago they didn't have to bring him for weeks ago once -- -- -- -- your honor they have. That's not what mr. McCauley says in court make representations and talked about what they say they it's evidence that that they fumble stood. Present to this court to demonstrate probable cause and if they're not prepared -- meeting today. Your honor the -- dismissed and let them come forward when they're in position to come forward which apparently is not yet. While that request was denied meaning that the prosecution does have another thirty days to bring their case. Another hearing has been set for August 22 at 2 PM now I want to bring -- ABC's -- you give us an update on the case. And the NFL on the patriots couldn't have been happy about those two scenes running. Almost simultaneously let yet Belichick chose to come out talk today. Well that this is the start of the patriots training camp so he was going to have to address it at some point as. Members of the press who cover the patriots and and other others in Boston we're certainly. Interested in what he had to say about Aaron Hernandez because he's quite right I think the patriots have built that organization that tends to to to be rather above board. And intolerant of nonsensical conduct. It Belichick was he set out of the country on all of this broke about Aaron Hernandez is that this was going to be his first opportunity to be asked. He didn't wait for questions instead -- he came right out with that rather lengthy statement. That may be about the most reporters have heard Bill Belichick -- at once he's not known for his loquacious -- at press conferences. But saying essentially that he is disappointed and Aaron Hernandez have been speaking more generally. About how the team tries to go about choosing players that they believed would fit into the model and in this case the patriots have said. There -- there was a mistake and and no they immediately move to sever ties and Aaron Hernandez right after he was charged with the murder of Oden Lloyd. Let's talk about Aaron Hernandez in court today this was a probable cause hearing. But in the end was delayed any way out what was discussed in the courtroom well frankly not much show although -- Secure it is when they asked for additional time they made mention that the grand jury is still hearing evidence Aaron Hernandez is charged in a criminal complaint that they presented it to the grand jury to get an indictment. And at that point. The prosecutor indicated that there was some additional evidence and he pointed to a a couple of things specifically Aaron Hernandez fingerprint was found on the gear shift of a Hummer that he had rented. There was also inside that vehicle a 45 caliber spent rounds found in the car. It it was a 45 caliber. Gun that killed -- Lloyd. The prosecutor also mentioned that Aaron Hernandez fingerprints on a box of ammunition that was found in a flop house connected to the case in Franklin Massachusetts. And so that but the prosecutors said. Despite the defense suggestion otherwise that there was evidence continually building. Against Aaron Hernandez. And do we know anything more about. His alleged accomplice -- SATs and the status of his legal workings right now. -- all of them are going to be you don't back in court in due time and it seems as if it's Ortiz who has given police the most information to go on according to his own account to police. In court records obtained by ABC news. Ortiz who fell asleep he was part of the team that went out and picked up -- -- he was there with -- Wallace -- Aaron Hernandez. And as as they were driving from Boston back to cattle borrow Ortiz says he fell asleep. And that's when the car pulled over in this industrial site -- Wallace got out Aaron Hernandez got out -- Lloyd got out. But Ortiz says he stayed in the car. And then he says Hernandez and Wallace walked back into the car. Without Oden Lloyd later he told police that Ernest Wallace told him. That Hernandez say admitted to being the triggerman so it's Ortiz who seems to be giving up his friend Aaron Hernandez. And that is why police believe they have a strong case against the former New England Patriots star. Now we've heard from. Aaron Hernandez's former team coach but what about other public comments from his former teammates any of the patriots used to play for the University of Florida have they come out. You know -- Urban Meyer who assist former coach and in games fill spoke to David -- kind of skirted the issue what when asked because Aaron Hernandez also has. Couple of incidents of this past when he was down at the University of Florida. That didn't really seem to come up much today. We know that Tom Brady's been asked the patriots quarterback who said he's kind of done with this and and it seems as if the message from the patriots now ties when we're moving on we're moving forward. And and the future it certainly does not include Aaron Hernandez who saw him in court today. Wearing a white shirt a -- no tie. Handcuffed and good at the -- you can see his tattoos visible through his son's shirt cuffs and this is somebody now. Whose football career effectively seems to be over. You don't you mention Bill Belichick is the kind of coach that likes to go on at length about any subject. That he get a little bit today Diddy talk about anything personal with Aaron Hernandez any of his personal feelings toward Hernandez Andy contact and have had since this has happened. Founded that the disappointment seems to be the of the one overarching theme that came through from from build ballot check in and he said otherwise -- was advised not to talk about. Hernandez specifically since he's the subject of an ongoing judicial proceeding I just don't think the patriots want to deal with this too too much longer or releases as. As less often as they -- because. They they know it's a bit of a -- perhaps but but Hernandez is going to be in the news. For -- as -- the patriots get ready to play you heard the judge. Set a new date for his probable cause hearing August 22 at that point prosecutors may outline a bit more evidence at that point he may also be charged. Or indicted by the grand jury so we may learn a little bit more than. Are -- -- I don't. Imagine we're expecting to hear much more from Belichick on the subject that it's time in the -- that probably means -- -- -- starting training camp Tamar is is likely the last -- -- here. Tie it seems that way -- and as reporters asked follow up questions from -- statement that he gave he he put them off and said you know I'm not gonna talk about. Hernandez I'm not gonna talk about and in the continued to give just generalizations about how the team goes about trying to select players that will fit in with the team's concept in the -- system. Obviously they they fell short and Aaron Hernandez and they they say they're gonna try harder and evaluate those systems going forward.

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{"id":19763920,"title":"Aaron Hernandez Probable Cause Hearing Delayed","duration":"8:45","description":"Judge grants prosecution extension to present evidence in former Patriots murder case.","url":"/US/video/aaron-hernandez-probable-hearing-delayed-19763920","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}