Aneta Marsek: Family looks for Missing Mother

Mother disappears with kids after visiting her parents' house.
3:00 | 10/13/12

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Transcript for Aneta Marsek: Family looks for Missing Mother
After going through the house for most of the day investigators remove several items tonight. They'll what is publicly suggesting that crime is involved. But no one has been able to account for -- -- 6 whereabouts since Saturday evening. Which he left her parents' house with her two kids two year old Seville -- four month old MacKenzie told cops he. -- -- -- her father says his 33 year old daughter had filed for divorce from her husband of two years shortly after giving birth to the couple's youngest daughter. Continue to live -- coliseum -- but recently lost her job in retail and planned to move. She's going through right now by senior hands and be done. And apparent supporters. That are moved through schools through movie in this they won't all. -- -- -- Police say Marci X a strange husband reported her missing yesterday afternoon she may have been driving her black Chevy TrailBlazer -- license plate. CC KJK. To eight. Neighbors say she's friendly and a good neighbor and their concerns. It had that -- my stomach every since I found out known and heard from Aaron. And this really hoping and praying that she's okay and thinks.

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{"id":17471412,"title":"Aneta Marsek: Family looks for Missing Mother","duration":"3:00","description":"Mother disappears with kids after visiting her parents' house.","url":"/US/video/aneta-marsek-family-missing-mother-17471412","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}