Anti-violence activist among dead in Chicago shootings

William "Willie" Cooper, 58, was shot near the office of his nonprofit.
0:45 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for Anti-violence activist among dead in Chicago shootings
As Chicago is mourning the loss of dedicated community leader William Willie Cooper was among ten people shot to death over the weekend. Ten people shot to death in that city over the weekend. Hoover was gunned down less than a block away from the nonprofit that he ran. Police are searching for suspects and nine year old boy was also killed by drive by shooting nearly forty others were injured. In a bloody weekend in Chicago Minneapolis residents want answers after an Australian immigrants was shot and killed by police. There was a vigil last night for Justine Damon she was killed by police responding to possible assault near her home. Investigators say the officers and body cameras were not turned gone as is required in such encounters. Damon who is reportedly engaged to be married next month.

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{"id":48676872,"title":"Anti-violence activist among dead in Chicago shootings","duration":"0:45","description":"William \"Willie\" Cooper, 58, was shot near the office of his nonprofit.","url":"/US/video/anti-violence-activist-dead-chicago-shootings-48676872","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}